A Time Deposit Account from YKB gives you the attractive rates of interest that you expect, with the added flexibility of being able to draw on your funds at any time through an overdraft facility or a secured credit card. You can choose from multiple currencies and durations to find a Time deposit that is right for you.


Key Features

  • - A Time deposit from YKB gives you the benefit of higher returns for savings as per your requirements

  • - Make investments starting at 100,000 Riyals

  • - Invest as an individual or as a company, institution and club 



  • - Get flexible time periods ranging from One month to five years

  • - Get a secured credit card up to the value of your deposit or an overdraft of up to 95% of your deposit to meet your emergency needs

  • - Ability to withdraw your fixed deposits at any time



  • - Minimum investment equivalent to 100,000 Riyals

  • - Documentation

  • - Application form 

  • - Valid Government Issued ID for Yemen Nationals

  • - Original Passport with residence visa page for Expatriates